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asked the responsibility the reporter

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The administration is strong to dismantle behavior illegal.Ms. Wang expects government to actively work out a problem, however the affair make progress still slow-moving, since the true function of the video frequency confirm, the court judged again strong dismantle behavior illegally, why don't carry on asking a responsibility to the party concerned?Ms. Wang tells a reporter, a few party concerneds not only be not handled, even parts of persons return be promoted to rise a job.The type of Xu Chi is strong to dismantle modelings 4 cases and isn't asked the responsibility the reporter and discovers in the survey, illegally strong dismantle in the county of Xu Chi to often have occurrence.In addition to above-mentioned Ms. Wang, the Xu Chi county Xu several citizen such as residents, Mr. Li, , Mr. Zhu and Ms. Zhou etc. of the town, in 2012-2013 years the verdict that got hold of a court one new balance 574 mensafter another, the administration that involves the Xu Chi county city tube bureau, the Xu Chi county Xu town people government is strong to dismantle behavior, all illegal.Time that these verdict takes effect is more long, but their common hard nut to crack for facing is, involve an illegal section of administration to all have no the party concerned to undertake a responsibility.Sentence in these 4s in, Ms. Wang, Ms. Zhou is all pure administration litigation, don't involve a civil case indemnification contents, therefore the court didn't mention an indemnification problem as well in the verdict.Is supplementary in the then experienced government litigation of Mr. Li and Mr. Zhus people

The matter compensates.Among them, Mr. Li's civil case compensates a claim drive court nonsuit, can pass administration repair procedure Be another to negotiate solution with government.Only Mr. Zhu's civil case indemnification claim gets a court approbation, the court sentences Xu town the government compensate its 570,000 dollars, but this civil case the indemnification didn't implement up to now.In the Xu Chi, it is illegally strong to dismantle have already formed opposite and fixed mode.If the government section discovers to advertise for ground to dismantle to move a work to contain difficulty, time is again more urgent, the related section usually neglects law, strong line of tore down.When a party concerned meant that being strong dismantles usually many sections of government unite an activity, division of labour be responsible for the spot order, push house, control nike lunarglide 6 menslive dismantle to move a door, if someone's words inside the house, drag along the strong line of person to an outdoors.In a short time scoops out machine to quickly push over house.After the house is tored down, dismantle to move a door to think again to talk indemnification with government section, is usually procrastinated by infinite period.Even if there is court verdict government the administration is illegal, the government can't actively negotiates indemnification, either, can't even handle a responsibility person.But dismantle to move a door to then want to bear the government's section exerts pressure from each aspect, even will someone keep watch on its activity and obstruct them upward class section to appeal for higher authorities help as usual.Ji of the county

The Wei gets involved to investigate city legal system to do to call the related leadership ofnot tube Xu Chi county government section confirms while accepting an interview, Ms. Wang run of hotel really already drive strong dismantle.The related staff member introduces, strong the reason for dismantling is Ms. Wang the building don't  is main, but lessee, and lease contract have been already expired.At that time, the government thought she exceeded the time limit not to move, would start strong dismantle.Currently, since there is already verdict in court, the government will negotiate a processing with lessee and work well a related work.But to illegally administration strong responsibility circumstance of asking of related responsibility person for dismantling, the leadership has never made to declare.Currently, Ms. Wang has already received the county of Xu Chi related government section notice and negotiates matter of compensating with her.But the consultation result for Ms. Wang isn't nike lunarglide 6 mensoptimistic, she says, dismantle before moving me a few dozen reports, hope and government negotiate indemnification, can these the reports have never got to reply.The house has been already torn down at present, does the government even have a sincerity towards compensating a problem on the contrary willing?She sends to hope in pass civil case in court solution indemnification, hopes that the government can ask responsibility towards involving an illegal responsibility person of administration just currently.The reporter does to reflect this matter to the Huai Anne City's legal system, Xing Lyu of Secretariat's staff member said, the legal system did inconvenience to also ask

in the future cooperate

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The son says:Ascend kind if water, water conservancy creation but don't contend for, the meaning is to say that the good conduct of the high state is like water similar trickle small stream, Ze drive creation.Pacific Asia through match organization with Pacific Ocean of water knot good luck, we have responsibility to make Pacific Ocean ocean of becoming the peace, the ocean of comity, the ocean of cooperation, witness Pacific Asia region peace, development, prosperity, progress.This is one to enrich meaningful night, we are since then the common missions of farsighted Pacific Asias developments, should take this as a chance, delineate a Pacific Asia farsighted development vision together, make sure Pacific Asia in the future cooperate a nike free 3.0 v5 onlinedirection.We will meet wild goose under the Yan foot of a hill to stay lake front and formally draw back the prologue of leadering the meeting tomorrow.The Confucius says:The wiser enjoys water, Ren happy mountain there is mountain there having waters, everyone can see Zhi by wiser, the Ren sees Ren, the total company Pacific Asia development greatly accounts, and the collusion Pacific Asia cooperates a vision.I suggest now, everyone toasts together and prospers a progress for Pacific Asia region, for Pacific Asia through match organization to develop rapidly, leader an informal meeting for this satisfactory succeed, is each guest and the family's healthy bottoms up!Toast!Several court statement of verdicts suggest that the Huai Xu Chi in Anne City the government section of the county is frequently carries on breaking the law strong dismantle people's net

Huai Anne gives or gets an electric shock(is a clock Yin) on November 11 Ms. Wang runs a hotel in the Xu Chi county in Anne City from Huai in Jiangsu province, the hotel is torn down forcibly by the county government of Xu Chi in 2013.In June, 2014, the Huai Anne City's Intermediate People's Court sentences strong dismantle behavior break the law.Make her difficult to understand BE, since there is verdict in court, why have no anyone be asked a responsibility?Should the government give me a response?People net the reporter investigate and discover, break the law strong dismantle behavior in the county of Xu Chi not individual case, in recent years, the local several verdict Xu Chi in court county government section is strong to dismantle a nike free 3.0 v5 onlinebehavior illegal case, all didn't get an actual processing up to now.To this, Xu Chi county Ji Wei mean to have already received relevant material, will handle this kind of affairs according to Ji by law.The citizen start to eat a store to suffer strong dismantle strong dismantle behavior drive judge illegal Ms. Wang runs a hotel that is named 81 hotelss in the Huai Xu Chi county in Anne City road in the east of Huaihe, business like annually the sales amount can reach to 6,000,000 dollars or so.Hear that this takes and dismantles to move afterwards, she starts aggressive preparation, nevertheless because the landlord Zhang eyes haven't settled, the hotel temporarily don't move.But let she didn't thought of of BE, the county dismantles to move to do under the sistuation that didn't negotiate with her, carried out to the hotel strong

Dismantle, January, 2013, the Xu Chi county police department, dismantle to move to do, city tube bureau total more than 180 persons, take 5 sets excavation machine, be all controled my family, then carry on to the hotel strong dismantle.When I waited to return to a hotel, have already become one ruins on the scene, all equipmentses, wealth and properties and Zhang eyes all drive brick piece the broken tiles buried.Ms. Wang tells a reporter, strong dismantle to make her lose a total amount to reach millions dollars, and in the process of being strong to dismantle in, the government section didn't implement necessary administration compulsory execution procedure.Staff member, who dismantles to move to do, says, she is a tenant, not a landlord, so not nike free 3.0 v5 onlinedemand with she negotiates.The video frequency material that provides according to Ms. Wang, the government breaks the law to the hotel strong dismantle that very day, a great deal of public security official on the spot keeps order and include a county to live to set up a bureau and dismantle to move to do of many leaderships and county police department, city tube bureau of main leadership all and on the spot.The county government of Xu Chi a staff member who doesn't wish to reveal name confirmed the reliability of video frequency material, afterwards the court reviews in the court in also confirmed the reliability of this video frequency evidence.Henceforth, Ms. Wang walks ascend endlessly maintain the rights road.In June, 2014, the Huai Anne City's Intermediate People's Court sentences, the Xu Chi county people government to hotel of

the big furnace that

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, Cooperation in East Asia will development economy, improve people's livelihood's putting is hasing the initiative a position.All countries will strengthen to unite a mutual communication, economic trade and disaster prevention to reduce disaster, energy in the finance and with each other further safety, food safety etc. the realm cooperate.The Pacific Asia is the big furnace that mankind's civilization evolves.But at past in several a hundred years, particularly 70 year agos, here also experienced the most bloody the same kind slaughter.At present, it re- becomes conceive mankind tomorrow hope of hotbed.I have ever been to Singapore and Arabia and unite a Tribal chief country to do clay figure performance.My son is inheritting my handicraft, I the nike lunarglide 6 ukexpectation one day can go to the United States and Canada and perform together with him.The double Yan is full of expectation to the future.The Xi is near even in APEC addressing of party each honorific colleague is welcome and respect of each guest!The ladies, the Sirs, friendses, everyone is good in the evening!At Pacific Asia through match organization the 22th time and leadered at the moment that informal meeting convene, everyone wasn't far ten thousand in arrive at Peking, said with the Chinese words, was everyone to decree by destiny, decreed by destiny a long distance to meet.I represent Chinese government and people first, representative my madam, also mean to warmly welcome to each honored guest's arrival by one of my name!Just I

Greet everyone at the door, see everyones all put on Chinese type clothing, was full of a Chinese traditional chemical element, and embodied modern breathing, let us more the feeling is close.Chinese common people will also feel warm after seeing, will feel each string door in neighbor's house of being like, come to friend's house to go over the old days similar.Especially the dress of ladies is particularly bright and shiny, the beautiful flowers constellates, the Mao is purple flaming red, increased together bright scenery line for today's dinner.We the place of place make water sign a square, is a nest in front now, these 2 construct a nike lunarglide 6 uksquare a , this contain a sky circularly square China of philosophy principle, formed yin and yang balance of unified.While holding Peking 2008 Olympics, aquatic item game right here in China holds of, that communist borns 44 gold medals and creates 25 world records, a lot of each members' contestants that come from in , here created to outstrip ego of miracle.Today in of leader, have of those early years took part in Peking Olympic Games of opening ceremony.These several days I get up everyday morning later of the first matter, be see how air quality in Peking is, hoping fog haze is a little bit small, in order to make each guest of afar get to Peking is feeling

Feel a little bit more comfortable.Like at is that the person is diligent sky of to help, these several days, the Peking air quality is total and much better, however I also worry my this words said early, only wish the weather tomorrow also O.K..These several days Peking air quality good, is our result concerning place and section joint effort, come it isn't easy.I want and thank to be nike lunarglide 6 ukeach and also appreciate this meeting, let us descend greater decision, protect an ecoenvironment, be advantageous to us from now on protect the work to the ecoenvironment and do betterly.Someone says, the blue sky in Peking is that APEC is blue now, fine and brief, led this a burst of have no, I hope and believe to pass unremitting effort, APEC is blue to keep on keeping.Thanks, we are carrying on a pollution to manage with all strength, big strength, unprecedented, I hope Peking is to whole China all can blue sky often at, green mountain often at, green water often at, let children all living in the good ecoenvironment, this is also the very important Chinese in a dream contents.Each colleague, the ladies, the Sirs and friends, we of so choice water is signed square to hold this dinner, is because water has important symbolic significance in Chinese culture.More than 2000 year agos, old

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